How far do you want to take you career in care?

Some people just want a steady job in a supportive working environment - and that's absolutely fine. Other people are keen to use their experience in care to develop a career in other areas of health and social care. We can cater for everyone!

Whether you're after a full-time role, a guaranteed few hours a week to fit in with your other commitments, or you're looking to gain valuable experience while training for a profession in the wider health and social care sector, we'd love to meet you.

Many of our carers have gone on to jobs in nursing, physiotherapy and social work, and others have moved into more office-based roles within the company. We are committed to making sure everyone that joins the company is helped to make the very most of the opportunities that working at Doris can offer.

Cassie's Story - The Sky's the Limit 

"I started as a Carer back in 2015 following several years living abroad, I was completely new to care and needed a job! Doris provided all the training I needed to get started, and has continued to offer additional training throughout my time here. I applied to more than one company but at my interview I decided that Doris Jones was the right company for me; there was something that felt genuine about it. 

From right: Andy, Andrea, Cassie and Caroline

I moved into the role of a Duty Carer not long after starting, which enabled me to meet with lots of our Clients and gain lots of hands on experience very quickly in a variety of settings. Around a year later I moved into office as Client Services Assistant where my role was based around our incoming and current Clients. I transitioned smoothly and was able to use some of the strong client relationships I had built from working as a Carer to benefit the role.

Roughly a year after this I put myself forward to cover a more senior position during a colleague’s maternity leave, I was happy working for Doris Jones but wanted to progress. I was afforded the opportunity to take on the role of Care Coordinator on a temporary basis, significantly increasing my level of responsibility. I was very grateful for the willingness shown by Doris Jones to support my development and allow me to grow within the company. They continued to provide training opportunities to enable me to succeed in the role, furthering my clinical knowledge around subjects such as medication, mental capacity, safeguarding and dementia; and I have recently begun a Leadership & Management course to further develop my skills. Several months on, both management and myself were suitably happy with how I had adapted to the challenge of this role, and I have now settled in a permanent fulltime Assistant Manager position.

I am still continuing to progress both personally and professionally, all thanks to the support I am receiving from Doris Jones. I could never have predicted this journey and can’t thank Doris Jones and Caroline enough!" (May 2018)

Alice's Story - Switching from Care Team to Office Team

"I first joined Doris Jones as a Carer in 2013 with no previous experience. I was soon attending training for everything I would need to know, from manual handling to infection control and learning all about medication. At shadow and handovers shifts with other carers, I met a few clients and introduced myself, taking in everything that needed to be done for each person.

I was then trusted to go out on my own. After just a little time I had built up a ‘round’ and a good rapport with the clients in it. Over five years, I learnt a lot about my clients, their history and background and what they would like and expect from me as a Carer, as well as medication needs and how to use certain equipment to assist them in their care. As a non-driver, I was grateful that the girls in the office kept my round close so that I could easily get to each client and keep on time. 

In my second year I was offered, through Doris Jones, the opportunity of studying alongside work. After a year I had received my NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care and was promoted to Senior Care Assistant which brought on more responsibility. I felt comfortable and confident in my role, being a person that new Carers could come to for advice, with a nice pay rise too!

Then in April 2018, I noticed Doris Jones were advertising for a role in their office as a Roster Assistant. After all the knowledge I had gained as a Carer, and my time at the company, I felt that this might be a good fit for me. I was encouraged to apply for the role and had an interview with Andy and Cassie. We discussed what I had learnt through my time with Doris and they were keen to offer this as a stepping stone for me to continue my growth within the company. I have now been working as part of the office team for two weeks and already feel like it was a great choice. I’m thankful I had gained all my experience through caring and Doris Jones have been so helpful with encouraging me to take this step." (May 2018)

Niamh's Story - Apprentice to Roster Pro!

"I started with Doris Jones in 2014 as a roster apprentice. I was 17 and had just left college and was very nervous to join the work force but excited for my new endeavour. It all came about through one of those random opportunities, right place right time, my mum came for an interview for a Carer job and in the interview it was mentioned that Doris were looking for an apprentice in the office. I applied and was successful! The office team helped to develop and shape me professionally, coaching me in the smallest of ways of how to take a phone call and basic administrative tasks in line with the Doris ethos of discretion, courtesy and discipline.

As my confidence grew so did my responsibilities within the company, I began to work more closely with the carers, booking their calls and helping with any queries. Early 2016, when I finished my level 3 apprenticeship in Business Administration I was more established within the company and had a firm grasp of the clients and carers and their individual needs and differences. I had built strong relationships with people involved in the business which was advantageous to assist in planning the weekly rosters. I began to push the boundaries of my job role to be more efficient and innovative. I seem to have a natural ability to see roster rounds as pieces of a jigsaw coming together to make a whole picture. My hard work was recognised and I was promoted to Senior Roster Assistant, December 2016. One of my main responsibilities now is to identify how we cover new clients, I work closely with the client team to advise if we have capacity for incoming enquiries. Further to this I assist HR with suggesting where new carers would be best placed and if the hours they require are feasible for us to provide.

I am extremely grateful to Doris Jones for giving me the opportunity to flourish. I am now looking into doing a level 4 management qualification to develop further leadership skills and responsibilities. 

I must say though I wouldn’t have achieved all this without the leadership, support, encouragement and all round brilliance of my manager, Andy. He is simply the best!"

Tarnya's Story - from Homecare to Nursing

"I started working for Doris Jones in 2011. I was looking to return to work when my daughter started playgroup. The flexible working hours allowed me to work a couple of hours in the mornings and then go back out again in the evenings to help get clients ready for bed. This meant I didn’t have to worry about childcare.

I had very little experience as a carer when I came to Doris but they provided all the essential training in their induction programme. I was also keen to sign up for as many courses as I could to help me do my job and, with their support, I completed certificates in End of Life Care, First Aid, Basic Life Support and several Dementia courses to help support our clients. This was a particular area of interest to me and I went on to become a Dementia Friend and then a Dementia Champion.

I then went on to do my apprenticeship. I gained the level 3 diploma in health and social care, as well as Maths and English qualifications. I was promoted to Senior Carer, working full time again but with flexible hours to suit my home life.

After four years of working for Doris I applied to Essex university to study Adult Nursing. The qualifications and experience I gained whilst working for Doris helped me to secure a place and I have just finished my first year at university. Although I never planned to do nursing, Doris has opened many doors for me and gave me the confidence to try new things. I still work for Doris as a bank member of staff and enjoy going to see the clients when I’m available."

Shauna's Story - becoming a Physiotherapist

[From a combined press release with St. Bernard's School]

A very keen horsewoman, Shauna originally wanted to be an equine physiotherapist. It was only after getting some hands-on work experience that she became passionate about pursuing a future in human physio.

Despite studying the appropriate A-level subjects and some work experience time in both the NHS and in private practice, Shauna was unable to get a place at university first time round. What she needed was more solid, hands-on experience to support her academic work… Step forward Caroline Southgate and her homecare company, Doris Jones Ltd.

As a homecare provider, Doris Jones offers care, companionship and support services to those who need a helping hand but who prefer to live in their own homes. Founder of the company, Caroline Southgate – herself a St. Bernard’s girl – provided Shauna with guidance, support and an opportunity to learn and develop skills in a highly relevant setting. The extra time and experience did the trick and Shauna secured her university place.

Shauna studied BSC Hons Physiotherapy at the University of Essex on a part-time course from 2012 to 2016. In those four years, she was able to remain a part of the Doris Jones team, gaining invaluable experience and earning money while studying.

Shauna (right) with Caroline and Ross, a fellow carer and physio student

According to Shauna, “Doris Jones were extremely flexible and supportive around my studying, allowing me study leave during placements and time off when the university workload became really heavy.”

“Working for Doris enabled me to gain the essential experience I needed to get into university. It then gave me the all-important people skills and communication skills that are vital to the role of a physio.”

While it’s sad for Caroline and her team at Doris Jones to see Shauna leave the team, it’s also hugely exciting to see her embark on a career in physiotherapy. “Shauna was one of our very first recruits when we set up Doris back in late 2011,” said Caroline, “and she’s been one of our most valued. I’m tremendously excited for her and we all wish her the very best.”

Sue's Story - from novice to Trainer

"I have worked for Doris Jones Ltd for approx four and a half years. I started by doing a few hours a week to earn some extra money alongside my regular job and also fit in with my family life. The hours were very flexible which allowed me to do this. I was given full training and eased into the role as carer in a gradual manner with full support as this line of work was new to me. 

   Sue went from novice carer to trainer in her time with Doris 

Eventually I was offered a permanent contract as Duty Carer. This entailed being able to cover client care quickly should the need arise due to sudden unavailability of another carer. I was the first employee to take on this role as it was a new position so I felt honoured that I was the first to be thought of. 

I have over the years been given extensive training by Doris Jones to advance my role as carer including: End of Life Care course, Catheter Care course, Safeguarding of Adults, Impairment of Vision and Hearing and most recently a Train The Trainer Manual Handling course, which meant I was then qualified to pass on my knowledge to my co-workers by training them. These courses were in addition to the mandatory courses that Doris Jones will give at necessary intervals in your role as a carer. 

Sadly, I have now left due to moving to another county but I will take with me the knowledge of how a care agency should work in regards to client care and how the respect and attention to our clients’ needs have been (and should be) met, for future employment.  I will also take with me the Management’s open door policy to staff to chat about any issues regarding work and their support they have shown me during my time here."