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Outstanding Stories #21 - Charlie the Cat

Posted: June 2021

One of our clients, Mrs C sadly lost her cat recently and when Trisha, a member of the Doris Client Services team, was speaking to her on the phone, Mrs C mentioned how lonely and sad she was feeling.

Now, the Doris team is a lovely bunch and after hearing this news, Mrs C's carers and the office team all set about finding her a new best friend. Enquiries went out to various catterys and animal rescue services, trying to locate a suitable new companion.

It wasn't long before Trish was talking to Mrs C again and guess what...?

"When I spoke to her, she told me that she had been to collect a cat called Wispa and that she'd decided to rename him Charlie, short for Charles."

And it turns out Charlie was the cat that Cara, our Care Manager, had enquired about. Mrs C’s exact words to Trish were, "I could not be happier. I didn’t want to be alone anymore and because of everyone’s help, I have a best friend again".

Although Charlie still has a few accidents in the house he is settling in very happily with his new owner. Needless to say, Mrs C is delighted, and we are too.

Thanks to everyone who helped locate a new moggie for Mrs C. Outstanding dedication and definitely care as it should be!