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Remembrance Day with a difference

Remembrance Day with a difference

Posted 10th November 2020

At Doris, we know that Remembrance Day is of particular importance to a huge number of our elderly clients. For that reason we have often put on an event to mark the occasion, providing an opportunity to get together, enjoy one anothers company, and remember those who have fallen in the service of their country.

Of course, this year is different. It's not possible to get together, to share stories and memories over a cup of tea and a piece of cake. As with so many other aspects of life in 2020, such opportunities are denied us by the dreaded virus.

So, unable to stage an event to which we could invite our clients, we decided to take Remembrance Day to them!

Tea and cake on wheels
This week, we will be delivering a little Remembrance Day package to every client, containing a beautiful and very delicious cupcake and a packet of posh tea. Each little box has been put together by Emily, one of our office team, and the cakes baked and decorated lovingly by her mum (thank you both - you're wonderful).

The boxes will be delivered to the homes of our clients by our carers on their rounds, who will no doubt brew a few cuppas into the bargain! Thank you to all you guys too - you will bring smiles to many faces, as ever.

...and a message from the general!
In addition to the goody box, our team have all been sent a video message, recorded specifically for Doris staff and clients by a senior member of the British Army. He's actually a Lieutenant General and he's been providing leadership coaching to Caroline throughout the pandemic, as part of an NHS initiative.

His video message, complete with a portrait of the queen and flags in the background, is both poignant and touching. We are enormously grateful to such a busy and important person for taking the time to record such a message on our behalf. And we know that when our carers show the video to our clients, it will be hugely appreciated. 

We very much hope that a good cup of tea, a sweet treat and some stirring words from the brass will prove a worthy replacement for our traditional event. And we look forward to organising a more conventional, face-to-face Remembrance Day gathering next year.