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The theory of everything

The theory of everything

Posted: 22nd November 2019

There's a little line of text that often sits beneath the Doris Jones logo. It reads, "care as it should be". From the day we set up back in 2011, that line has summarised what we do and why we exist as an organisation; to provide care and support services as they should be - on time, reliable and of the highest possible quality. That little line is effectively our promise to clients and their families.

We were discussing this at one of our recent Senior Carers Forums, where members of our Care and Client Services teams look at areas in which we can evolve or further improve what we do. We talk about things that might impact clients and/or the members of the team actually managing and delivering their care. New ideas are discussed, processes are reviewed and, at the end of each meeting, there is always an exciting new project or two to add to our "Continuous Improvement Plan".

One such project was to create a simple, credit card-size checklist to be given to every member of the care team. On the back of the card is a list of things to consider when visiting a client's home. These are not the things specific to that client, all of which are detailed in that person's Care Plan. These are things that are fundamental to the wellbeing of every client: accurate, up-to-date records; sufficient supplies of medication where appropriate; overall household cleanliness and tidiness. In short, everything to do with the care of that individual.

We're not expecting the checklist to be taken out at every visit - that's not really the point. It's more to reinforce what all our carers know about how to approach each visit. Is everything as it should be? It's a prompt to consider the wider aspects of a person's care; to make sure that, even after a visit has ended, everything that could be done to ensure their happiness, safety and general wellbeing has been done.

The cards may only be small, but it's often the little things that make a big difference!