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Toys, homeware or meat?

Toys, homeware or meat?

Posted 24th November 2020

Every year, we give a Christmas gift to each member of the Doris team. And usually, we have a bit of a party where we hand the prezzies out, open a bottle or two and celebrate the past twelve months hard work. But this year is different...

So what to do? No party, obviously. That'll have to wait until we're over the pandemic and it's safe to have a big gathering. And, boy, it'll be some bash!!

So we put our heads together and Laura came up with an excellent idea... "Since there'll be no party costs, let's up the budget for presents and make sure the money goes to some of the local businesses who've had such a tough year and could really use the support."

So we chose three local shops, each offering something different, and we've given every member of staff £25 to spend in the shop of their choice. They can either buy something nice for themselves, something to share or a gift for a loved one - it's up to them. One member of the team has already been in touch to say can she give her voucher to a local charity - that's the sort of people we have working at Doris - they're all gorgeous! 

During December, our team will be spending their Christmas money on things that will hopefully make them smile, And into the bargain, an extra £2000 will make it's way into some local businesses who've had a pretty tough year. It's not much, but like they say, every little helps.

We'd like to thank Argosy Toys, Scape Interiors and Harrison's Butchers (yes, that's why there's a silly headline to this article) for helping us say a big Christmas thank you to our team. May we all have a far less difficult year in 2021!