The Original Doris Jones

The Original Doris Jones

The original Doris Jones was in fact Caroline's grandma (that's them in the picture above). Throughout her life, as a mother and grandmother, Doris proved herself to be one of life's natural, indomitable and inexhaustible carers.

Doris had two daughters, Tess and Monica, and a son, Peter. Tess had Down's Syndrome and it was only through constant battling with the authorities that Doris managed to give Tess a normal family life. In the process, Doris became a founding member of Mencap with then actor Brian Rix.

In 1981, when Doris' other daughter, Monica, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died aged 42, Doris somehow found the strength to maintain the family home and care for Monica's three children.

Throughout her challenging life, one of Doris' most endearing traits was her total commitment to keeping the home a place of safety and security for the entire family. She was resolute whenever the idea of residential care was hinted at, whether for Tess, Monica or for herself in her eighties. For Doris, nothing was more important than the choice to be cared for, safely and happily, in one's own home.

Doris, we know you're watching over us. x