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We believe that to deliver the best quality care, we need to have the very best people in our team. Could you be one of them? This section of the website covers our approach, information about care work and lists our current vacancies.

We currently have the following roles available...

  • CARE WORKERS - flexible or fixed shifts
    From £11.50/hr (up to 7pm), £14.30/hr (after 7pm and all weekend) 
  • SENIOR CARE WORKERS - weekend shifts, 7am-2pm and/or 4pm-10pm
    £12.10/hr (up to 7pm), £14.30/hr (after 7pm and all weekend)
  • PROFESSIONAL NEIGHBOURS - flexible or fixed shifts
    From £11.50/hr (up to 7pm), £14.30/hr (after 7pm and all weekend) 

Anyone can be a "Doris person"
Doris Jones welcomes applications from black, asian and minority ethnic candidates, LGBTQ+ candidates and candidates with disabilities. We promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and make employment decisions by matching business needs with the skills and experience of candidates, irrespective of age, disability (including hidden disabilities), gender, gender identity or gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. We are keen to encourage a diverse range of perspectives, skills, experience and knowledge within our business.

Thinking of applying? Here are a few tips...
We've welcomed lots of new people to our team over the years, and heard from even more who want to join us. We've learned a lot about what makes a really good application. But let's look at it a bit differently. Sometimes, even if someone sends in a not-so-great application, they could still be super dedicated and caring. 

So, if you're thinking about joining us (or any other company or role that helps older people), here are some easy tips from our team:

  • Understand the Job - Take some time to figure out what the job is all about. Learn what's expected and what it involves. We can provide a work experience with our team if you would like to see more about the roles.
  • Learn About Us - Find out about the company. Look at our website and see what we believe in and what makes us special. 
  • Make Your Application Special - When you apply, make sure to talk about why you'd be a good fit. Tell us about things you've done that show you'd be great at the job. We don’t mind if there are the odd typos but we do want to hear about you as a person. A few words about yourself can be more enlightening to us than a formal CV.
  • Be Patient - Getting a job can take a while. You might need to send lots of applications and go through a few interviews. Stay positive and keep trying.
  • Show You Care - In your application, let us know that you really care about helping others, especially older people. Share stories about how you've helped people before.

We're always looking for kind and helpful people to join our team. If you show us you're a good fit, we'd love to chat with you. Good luck!