Some reassuring words from our clients

What clients say

Since setting up Doris Jones in late 2011 we've regularly been complimented on the way we do things by our clients and their family members. Here are some of the things they have said.

If you would like to take up references directly, we are very happy to arrange for you to talk to existing Doris Jones clients. Please contact the office if this is of interest.

Client Compliments

Without exception kind, empathic, friendly and supportive

"Doris Jones is a professional organisation, with a personal feel. They have provided care for my mother for the last few years and as a family, we are very happy with the service provided. The carers are without exception kind, empathic, friendly and supportive of my mother's needs. Doris Jones, and the individual carers are happy to work with us as a family to ensure that my mother is comfortable and safe, which enables her to remain in her own home. Communication with Doris Jones is regular and two-way. As a family, we feel that we can raise matters with Doris Jones knowing we will be listened to, and equally staff at Doris Jones contact the family promptly if they have any concerns. We work together to support my mother. I would have no hesitation in recommending Doris Jones services to friends and family."

Megan J, April 2021

The level of care is exceptional

"Doris Jones visited my dad and his wife at their home in Leigh-on-Sea several times a day for a number of weeks in December 2020 and January 2021. They went above and beyond to support them and also to support me, as I lived away from the area. The level of care is exceptional and their knowledge and helpfulness is second to none. They helped me connect to various NHS services to support my dad, who has a brain tumour, and looked after my dad and step mum like they were family. I can't recommend them highly enough. The Manager in particular is just excellent and I will never forget her kindness to my family."

Sylvia O, January 2021

Our sincere thanks to you all

"Good Morning Caroline and the “Fantastic Doris Jones Team”. I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you all for the recent support you gave our Mum.

Mum was telling me that during her visit, Michelle noticed that her leg was poorly and required further attention. Michelle advised Mum that she would report this via the office and arrange for the District Nurse to attend and have a look. This was arranged and the Nurse has now been in.

We as a family would really like to thank Michelle, and anybody else involved with this, it is fantastic to know that Mum’s care is so thorough, especially in these stressful times.

On speaking with my Mum she wanted me to also say a big thank you to the following people; Michelle, Jo, Karen, Lorraine & Sue.

And can we, as Mum’s family, also add our sincere thanks to you all."

GE & JM, client's family, May 2020

Magic all-round!

"The Doris Jones care team have been quite exceptional, before and during the current lockdown - not only the carers who visit my dad and mum several times a day and lift their spirits with the humour and warmth with which they undertake a range of personal and practical support tasks, but also the central admin team who co-ordinate, communicate, and troubleshoot with unfailing care and consideration for our whole family. Their collaborative and communicative approach has enabled us to solve problems before they've become serious, and hugely boost Mum and Dad's quality of life in many ways; I never thought we'd have them using video calling proficiently, but Doris Jones has gone the extra mile, or ten, to make it possible and we now see them several times a week on screen. Magic all-round!"

Jane P, May 2020

Very pleased!

"I am very pleased with the care my wife gets."

Peter G, February 2020

The whole thing works!

"We have good relations with the carers and they are well trained. They arrive on time unless there are unforeseen circumstances. The carers are cheerful which helps others in the house. The whole thing works because the management are hands-on."

Audrey G, January 2020

A huge thank you for helping my family!

"Doris Jones have provided care for both my Mother and my Father. They have always been very quick to respond to changing requirements at short notice. Their carers are very warm and genuine, going above and beyond what is asked for. The admin team are always polite and helpful. A huge thank you for helping my family at a very difficult and trying time."

Client's daughter, August 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend this company

"My mother had what was described as a catastrophic stroke in December 2018, she had been fully independent prior to this and I had no idea how vulnerable we would feel in our quest to find care for her at home.
A friend of mine recommended Doris Jones.
The moment I spoke to the manager I felt calmer than I had felt for weeks and very reassured. It's an overwhelming situation however she answered questions I would have asked had I not feeling so emotional and tired.
Her team are loyal to her, well trained, discreet and compassionate.
My mother was happy from day one and chatted about her carers and their conversations with her when we talked to her.
I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking for care for a loved one."

Karen T, June 2019

Extremely professional

"The carers who attend my wife are extremely professional and competent in their tasks and very caring and friendly and this aspect stimulates my wife and is very useful for her wellbeing. If I have any problems, all the staff usually find a solution to any queries I have. I am extremely happy with the service I and my wife receives."

Ken W, April 2019

We would certainly book them again

"Friendly staff and willing to do anything we wanted them to.
If we, at any time, need them again we would certainly book them."

Terry S, April 2019

First class service!

"We asked Doris Jones to provide care services for our father who had a very bad fall in December, breaking several bones. He spent a few weeks in hospital and was then in a residential home for a while. His condition did worsen and also his mental state too. Doris Jones lived up to the high standards we knew they would provide.

Nothing was too much trouble and they kept us informed of any situations with Dad's condition, phoning on several occasions when he needed reassurance or prompting and making helpful suggestions. Despite him having had such a traumatic time, he has progressed significantly and we cannot thank them enough. He has been very anti-home care, as we had bad experiences when our mum needed care a few years ago.

He has felt that the team were like his family, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doris Jones. A first class service - thank you Doris Jones!"

Sue M, March 2019

Very kind and helpful

"My carer is very kind and helpful. She tidies, helps me shower and anything I ask her she is always happy to help if possible."

JP, February 2019

Visitations are looked forward to with joy

"Life has been a great pleasure since I had the option of changing my base unit, visitations are delightful and are looked forward to with joy. I have found every request is listened to with courtesy and help which is much needed in this day and age especially for people who might be of older years. Recommendation of change to others might be very welcome if put kindly."

Iris L, February 2019

Extremely flexible and accommodating

"I recently required support following hip surgery. Circumstances were unusual as I was living in a hotel, but Doris Jones was extremely flexible and accommodating and provided exactly the level of service I asked for."

Steve B, January 2019

My mother is delighted

"My mother has had to accept having a carer in her home for just two hours once a week, as I live in Cape Town and need to know there is a reputable agency I can call on in cases of emergency, where people know my mother and know her situation. I am pleased to report my mother is delighted with her carer who comes for just 2 hours every Monday morning, to change the bedding and do some light housework. She enjoys the interaction and the chats. I am delighted to report she has been converted to being very accepting of carer assistance! Thank you."

Sue F, December 2018

Professional, caring and proactive approach

"Dear Caroline and everyone at Doris Jones,

I want to thank you for all the care you have given and shown to my parents over the years. There is no doubt that it has enabled them to stay in their own home far longer than they would of done without Doris Jones.

The office staff and carers have also been so supportive to us as a family, and especially to me, as the carer living closest to them. On a number of occasions, if the carers had not contacted the office who then called me when dad needed to see a doctor to get antibiotics for his leg infection, then he would of ended up in hospital on far more occasions. More recently, I received a call about mum’s mobility, I was able to get her treatment with an osteopath and now she is back to walking normally. These are only a couple of examples where everyone has helped.

However, it wasn’t until this year, when dad came out of hospital and had another care company look after him for 6 weeks, that I could see what a professional, caring and proactive approach Doris Jones provides. It was quite a contrast between the two companies, and very apparent to the family that Doris Jones works to a very high standard and was very lucky, when they were recommended to the family.

So thank you again, and I know mum and dad will miss you all very much."

Client's daughter, October 2018

You can really notice the difference

"You really have been super and I really do appreciate all of your help as I haven’t been very well lately. The carers boost my morale, they really have been super. The carers do the job because they care and you can see that, I know it's a job but you can really notice the difference."

Mr D, August 2018

She's a gem

"Jade is really good for me. I don’t need someone to help me with the physically side of things but mentally I need somebody to talk to and identify with and we really enjoy each other’s company. We do crosswords and things together. She’s a gem."

Mr J, August 2018

I would highly recommend this agency and often do!

"Doris Jones staff have been caring for my mum for six years and are now also helping my dad. Their staff are always kind and considerate to their client's feelings and are an incredibly important part of our families lives.
With a busy life of my own, I can rely on the Doris Jones team to support my parents when I can't be with them. Having people come into your home can be a difficult situation but I would highly recommend this care agency and often do, to anyone finding themselves in need of care."

JC, June 2018

Couldn't ask for better carers

"I could not ask for better carers to look after my wife. They always show kindness and consideration to my wife and are very gentle in the way they attend to her. She is chair bound and cannot make herself understood due to the stroke she had some 13 months ago."

DB, June 2018

Mum looked forward to their visits

"An excellent company in every area from administration to care. Lovely staff, always willing and efficient. The Carers were all great and gave my mum superb care. She looked forward to their visits, which were mostly on time. On the rare occasions there were unavoidable delays, I received a call so I could tell my mum. I have been extremely satisfied and would thoroughly recommend Doris Jones."

PM, May 2018

Carers who care, both as individuals and as a company

"I, and my family have nothing but gratitude to all at Doris Jones, both past and present, for the caring and professional manner in which they helped to make her last few years more bearable. She felt real affection for a number of the team and we know it was reciprocated.

When we initially looked for a care company, we never imagined how prudent our choice of Doris Jones would be. Nothing has been too much trouble. They have been reliable and professional always. Their communication is excellent, advising us of potential issues or areas of concern that they had. They are carers who care, both as individuals and as a company.

The standard they have maintained is such that we have never had cause to have any worry about putting our mother's welfare in their hands. and have been confident that they never had anything other than her best interests at heart.

My mother was a very special lady and she received a very special care. Thank you so much."

GR, March 2018

All so lovely

"Wonderful service. I don't know how I would have coped with the loss of my dear wife of 60 years without the care and understanding of your carers. They are all so lovely and have made me feel wanted again. Thank you so much."

MJ, March 2018

Fabulous service

"Fabulous service, you have made my mum so happy. You have changed her life, so thank you!"

Mr H, February 2018

Thank you!

"For what you gave us: Quality and Heroes. Thank you so very much!
(Accompanied by a box of Quality Street and a box of Cadbury Heroes)"

Mr & Mrs A, September 2017

Thank you ALL

"Dear Caroline and ALL "The Team" - Just to say thank you for all the care, love and support you have given over the past year and a half. Mum was always most grateful. With love, MH."

MH, July 2017

Your ladies are an asset to the company

"The ladies are very friendly, kind and helpful.
The ladies always work with a smile :)
The ladies are punctual.
The ladies are an asset to your company."

Mrs B, July 2017

I feel very honoured

"I promised myself when deciding to work in the community, I did not want to be just a carer who goes in to a client and is constantly looking at their watch as has run out of time because I had been given countless calls that morning. When I heard about Doris Jones it was clear from the start that they cared very much for the clients they have as well as the staff, giving you travel time etc between each call and plenty of time with that client, which does not happen with other care companies. I feel very honoured to work for a respected company."

Michelle R (A Doris Carer), July 2017

We really value your service

"Firstly I would like to say that the carers who have been visiting my dad have been so lovely with him and just what he needs … Once again, we are so grateful for all you have done so far and really value your service."

Mrs H, July 2017

Everything you do is wonderful!

"I'm so fortunate to have you girls come in, everything you do is wonderful, thank you so much."

Mrs G, May 2017

We couldn't have managed without you

"I would like to say a big "thank you" for the all the help you have given me since I broke my ankle. We simply could not have managed without your ladies - Wendy, Emma, Jan and Carly. Many thanks."

Mrs R, May 2017

Special thanks to Samantha

"I would just like to give special thanks to Samantha for the care and attention that she showed to both dad and I on Saturday morning especially when I am not her concern. She could have not been more caring or attentive and it was so appreciated when I could do nothing for dad or I. I would be very grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks to her as I couldn't have coped without her!"

Mrs D, May 2017

Lovely sandwiches!

"Sandra always makes really lovely decorative sandwiches for my Grandma and she loves them! I had to take a photo to show everyone in the office, a really nice Doris touch."

Client's granddaughter, May 2017

For the unsung heroes in the background

"Hello lovely office fairies and wizard

I hope you don’t mind me sending you this email but I just wanted you all to know how much Alan appreciated the difficult work you had to do to keep things going. He often mentioned, with fondness and a laugh, numerous conversations that he had had with “DJ”.

He was particularly proud that he had invented another name for you, Niamh, because he had absolutely no idea how to pronounce your lovely name – each time he spoke of you caused him to chuckle.

Alan was astounded at the kindness shown to him at Christmas time and the lengths that some fairies went to in order that he could enjoy extra, unexpected, goodies that he was still dipping in to well into the New Year.

Alan was always insistent, at the end of visits, to say his thank you. He didn’t need to, it was a pleasure.

However the unsung heroes in the background often do not get to hear these words directly (I know this isn’t necessary) – but I just wanted to let you know that Alan did, and you very much are, truly appreciated.

I am so pleased for Alan that he was cared for to the end, at home as he wanted, by the lovely Doris Jones team.

Lots of love, Carol x"

Carol P (one of our care team), May 2017

A really big thank you to the whole team

"Caroline. Can I say a really big thank you to the whole team at Doris Jones. Alan chose your service over any offering from the NHS. I and others are impressed that the service your team have provided over the years which has been well within budget that Alan could have paid. But most importantly Alan loved the visits and loved the carers. I will be in touch over the next few days to let you know what the dates of Alan’s next stages will be."

Robert, May 2017


"I’m feeling much better and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Emma’s help. She was marvellous. Came all the way to the hospital with me to make sure I was okay. [From a conversation with Mr S]"

Mr S, April 2017

Changed Mum's life

"Denise has been amazing, I cannot praise you all enough. You have genuinely changed Mum's life. Fantastic service! [From a telephone conversation with Mr H]"

Mr H, April 2017

Felt the need to share

"Cleaning my front garden yesterday, I spoke to one of Doris Jones' client's family members, who enquired after me and we eventually spoke at length about Doris Jones' standards and commitment to care in this very pressured industry. She spoke incredibly highly [of Doris], acknowledging your commitment and understanding to her dad's needs. We spoke fondly of my visits to him, and recalled me falling into bed with him when we both lost balance. [Mr A's] daughter thinks the world of Doris. As too do I...

Felt the need to share...

Love to all...


Kim W (a former Doris carer), April 2017

Thought we'd never find the perfect agency...

"I'm very impressed with Barry, he's the perfect person to support my husband. He is calm and quiet with is just what [Mr R] needs. I was worried we would never find the perfect agency but thanks to Doris Jones and Barry, we have achieved it. [Comments taken during a telephone conversation with Mrs R]"

Mrs R, April 2017

Please pass on my thanks

"Can I also take this opportunity to say how much my mum loves the care and attention that she has been given by Faye each morning. She really looks forward to her visiting and this is such a milestone, bearing in mind how difficult it was to convince her to accept care during the day. Please could you pass on my thanks to Faye for her kindness to my mum."

Paul P, April 2017

Such a lovely lady

"It was such a pleasure to see Cassie again, I was so pleased when she turned up. She still knew how to do everything perfectly. Cassie is such a lovely lady and it made me smile to have her again."

Sister S, March 2017

Tell everyone!

"She is great, I would wait any day any time to see Denise, you make sure you tell everyone that!"

Mrs H, March 2017


"I'm so thankful to be alive, you lot saved my life - you're like angels."

William W, March 2017

Kind, professional and helpful

"On behalf of my mother, I want to thank you very much for the care you provided for her last year. Your staff were always kind, professional and very helpful, sometimes in very difficult circumstances. I do think you run an excellent organisation and I have recommended you to a number of friends. Please pass on our appreciation to all of your staff who were involved. Kind regards, Penny K."

Penny K, February 2017

Extremely pleased!

"The family researched extensively about care services beforehand. We have been extremely pleased with the level and quality of care and support provided to my mother. Any concerns raised by Doris Jones, about my mother or father have been communicated to me immediately and I have been able to act quickly, to prevent my parents often going into hospital. This has saved any distress to my mother who has dementia and reduced added pressure to the family.

Any problems I have raised with Doris Jones have always been dealt with promptly and politely by the care and office staff.

I visit my parents 3/4 times a week, so I often get to meet the carers quite regularly, who are all extremely helpful, polite and caring people and Doris Jones often use the same carers to visit my parents, so they have continuity.

Speaking with my parents they also confirm that they have never had any concerns and are happy with the care."

Jean C (via, February 2017

Mum really enjoys the visits

"My Mother has a Doris Jones Carer to visit her in her nursing home and take her out once a week. She really enjoys the visits and being taken out and doing something different, this gives her something to look forward to. We have also used the services of Doris Jones in the past when my Mother lived independently in her own home.

The carers have always been reliable, punctual and professional in their duties. I would not hesitate to recommend Doris Jones."

Janet M, February 2017

Lovely people

"I should like to say 'Thank You' to Doris Jones. Lovely people - I looked forward to see them regularly. I congratulate the rota girls for doing and excellent and difficult job!! Yours, EG."

Elizabeth G, January 2017

Treating people with respect

"Dear Caroline, I wish to thank the office staff and all the carers for their great treatment and compassion I received last week when I was ill. It was so difficult for me and, indeed, the girls, but I only got through it because of their sincere care!

I always treat people with respect myself and hope to receive the same - which I certainly did! People are so quick to complain these days, but never bother to praise, which is so sad.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year! From PW xx"

Mrs W, January 2017

Mum's very happy

"Mum appears to be very happy with her visits from Michelle [her Doris carer], which is excellent news. Please pass on my positive feedback to Michelle. [We have and always do - thank you]"

Janet M, January 2017

Fairy godmothers!

"Fantastic... you're like fairy godmothers! [During a call to confirm care visit arrangements]"

Dawn M, January 2017

Makes such a difference

"They really are so good, so marvellous, really lovely. They can sit and chat to you and it makes such a difference."

Mr B, December 2016

I needed some assistance for a while (post hip operation)

"You may like to try Doris Jones Ltd. After breaking my hip last year, I needed some assistance for a while, so I turned to this care agency for help. I found them both courteous and very willing to answer any questions. They sent me a brochure and a list of their prices, and when I phoned them again it was agreed that, as a prospective client, I should have a free initial assessment.

A member of their staff came to my home and after some deliberation, I agreed to go ahead. A very pleasant young lady was allocated for my needs and I saw her regularly each week. She was always punctual and happy to do anything I required and always stayed for the allotted amount of time. She had to attend training sessions on a regular basis, as Doris Jones regards this as all important. My own carer had a high regard for them."

Patricia C (via, December 2016

We didn't stop laughing!

"Your carers are lovely, we didn't stop laughing and chatting the whole time. [The carer} took me shopping and to lunch in Southend, the restaurant on the opposite corner of M&S - the food was nice. I imagine a lot of people complain about things... well, I have no complaints whatsoever. I just have to wait 'til next Wednesday now."

Mr A, November 2016

Mother's been singing your praises!

"My mother has been singing Karen's praises [his parents' Doris carer]. She has already done so much in the short time she has been there."

Phillip G, November 2016

Professional, trustworthy, kind and supportive

"My grandparents' health deteriorated last year, and they could no longer cope. After some unfortunate incidents with council assigned care companies, Doris Jones Ltd was recommended by a social worker, and we have not looked back.

Before starting, staff came to meet my grandparents and get to know them, recording their particular requests. Everything was all noted down, from how they like their toast cut to their favourite hobbies.

When my grandmother was hospitalised, Doris Jones were flexible about providing care for my grandfather, making last minute adjustments, and even taking him to the hospital. Their 24-hour phone number meant that we could get in touch with them at any time.

Carers are professional, trustworthy, kind and supportive, and get to know their clients. Accommodating office staff are contactable via phone or email, and always alert me if they think there's a problem. They act in the best interest of the client at all times. We'd gladly recommend them."

Natalie M, September 2016

All the carers are wonderful!

"Doris Jones Ltd provides care for my mother. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and management. They are well organised and efficient. All the carers are wonderful, nothing is too much trouble, they are all very kind and attentive to my mother needs. Their time keeping is excellent. They are all very smart and professional. I feel so fortunate to be on their books, great value for money too."

Tricia, August 2016

So much better than the others!

"From using a different care service previously for my granddad, my mother and I were very unhappy with the service given and weary to try another, but Doris Jones has completely changed our views, they are very professional and helpful, but most importantly do their very best for my granddad!"

Mariah K, July 2016

Why I chose Doris

"It's because of your punctuality, kindness, information and reassurance that I'm happy to choose your company for my care."

Miss P, July 2016

We'd gladly recommend you to any of our friends

"We were very pleased with the care given and would gladly recommend you to any of our friends. (My husband) thought highly of Robbyn and her caring manner and we would both like to thanks her very much for all she did for us."

Mrs E, March 2016

Care, support and friendship

"To all the staff at Doris Jones, thank you for your kind care, support and friendship you gave to our dad. Thanks too for your card. I will strongly recommend you all to anyone looking for care."

Mrs G, February 2016

We cannot thank you enough

"May I also take the opportunity to thank you so much for the care that your team provided to my father. We were concerned when we engaged professionals to help with his care that he would be anxious and uncooperative but, as it turned out, he really looked forward to your visits and very much enjoyed chatting and passing the time with the carers. This was in no small part due to their attitude, thoughtfulness and skill in dealing with his needs. We cannot thank you enough for making his last few weeks a little less dull and a little more full of life."

Mr F, February 2016

If all your staff are like Sue, I know the care will be exemplary

"Hi Caroline, I did a moving and handling course with one of your staff, Sue Downs. I need to tell you that she stood out head and shoulders above the other students both in her knowledge and her approach. She is a credit to your company and really deserves some recognition for her professionalism. I will need to be contacting you again soon as I need to organise some care for my father and I definitely know that, if all your staff are like Sue, the care will be exemplary."

Sara (local residential care home), February 2016

You all do a fantastic job

"Hi Rebecca and all the office staff at Doris Jones, I just wanted to thank all of the office staff at DJ for being so nice and making me feel welcome. You all do a fantastic job and you are all so helpful and friendly and approachable. I appreciate how hard you all work, so thank you all."

Carla (new joiner to the Doris care team), February 2016

To all the people who do a great job of caring for Dad

"I would like to express my thanks for the care and attention my father is receiving from all of the staff at Doris Jones. As you can imagine, having Dad so far away from me is always a constant worry, but I feel greatly comforted, knowing that there is a great team of people out there who look after him and go above and beyond the call of not just caring for him physically, but also ensuring his safety is taken into consideration too. Please would you be so kind as to extend my thanks to all the people who do a great job of caring for Dad on a day to day basis."

Mrs A, January 2016

Hugely appreciated

"To all the lovely staff at Doris Jones - thank you all for helping my Mum stay at home over the last few months of her life. It has been hugely appreciated."

Mrs R, January 2016

Excellent care and support

"[Mrs A will be moving into residential care home so...] she will no longer require the excellent care and support your team have provided. Thank you for your help and guidance."

Mrs C, July 2015

We will definitely recommend you!!

"Dear Caroline and all the lovely ladies that helped look after Mum! As you know Mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She has been moved from the hospital to a Nursing Home where hopefully she can settle and find some peace. We (S, R and H) just wanted to thank you, all of you, for the care you have given Mum in the past. We know she has enjoyed meeting you all, and has really appreciated the kindness and help you have given her. Very best wishes S, R, H (Mrs H's children) p.s. We will definitely recommend you!!"

Mrs H's children, July 2015

Amazing care and loving support

"I just wanted to thank you personally (Mary) and all the lovely carers at Doris Jones for your amazing caring and loving support of my mum over the past 14 months or so. Having you involved in her care helped us all and helped support mum to stay in her own home for that special extra time. We loved the professionalism of your company and the caring nature of your support and the face that you tried to keep the same carers helping mum so that she knew them, this all made it easier for us. Wishing you all the very best and may many other local people benefit from your caring support - I would certainly recommend your company to anyone I know."

Mrs K, May 2015

You should be proud

"You are providing a wonderful service and should be proud of what you do."

Mrs H, May 2015

Thank you Louisa!

"I would like to comment on the work of Louisa A. Since her first visit she has consistently proved to be an excellent carer. She is always sympathetic to my needs and very accommodating and thoughtful - she is a credit to Doris Jones."

Mr S, May 2015

Priceless care!

"If I could bottle Diane (Carer) up I would make a fortune."

Mr L, May 2015

My thanks to you all

"My thanks to you all, especially to the ladies who come to us. It's a pleasure to have them at our home."

Mr D, April 2015

You responded quickly and professionally

"Thank you very much for everything you and all your staff have done for my mum over the last 6 months. You responded quickly and professionally when I needed you. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and all your staff, always had time for me on the phone and gave extra to my mum. A very happy 2015 to all of you."

Mr & Mrs H, January 2015


"I am pleased with all aspects."