Are you a naturally caring person?

If so, then care could very well be for you. You don't need to have previous experience to join our team - many of our recruits don't. You just need to know what's involved and the value you can bring to the lives of our clients.

Check out this 9 minute film produced by Southend Borough Council in 2020 to showcase different roles in Health and Social Care. It features several of the Doris team talking about what they do. Click the pic to view...

Here are a few shorts stories from Doris carers past and present, which might help give you an understanding of what life is like as part of the team...


Michelle's story - too old to care...? Never!!

"I started working for Doris Jones in June this year. I had been thinking about care work for a while but thought I was too old at 55, plus wasn’t sure if I could fit it in around my other job.

After applying on-line I was invited in for an interview, and was quickly made to feel at ease by Caroline, the founder of the company. I was told that my age was not a problem and the hours were very flexible so could fit in with most lifestyles.

I nervously accepted the position of care assistant and underwent classroom training where I felt confident that I had been given enough knowledge to cope with being out in the community. When starting in the community, I firstly shadowed experienced carers who were all very supportive, and then went on to do handover calls where I was able to complete the call under supervision. After a couple of weeks I was ready to go it alone.

  Michelle with Caroline

As the weeks have gone by, I have become more confident and am loving the role. I have met so many lovely people and can honestly say I can’t wait to go to work. The other carer assistants and all the office staff have been so welcoming and very supportive.

I look forward to taking on more training which Doris Jones have offered, like end of life care and Dementia courses to gain more knowledge and become a more competent carer.

I am really enjoying being a care assistant and wish I had gone into care work years ago.

I am very happy and proud to be part of the Doris Jones team."


Molly's story - from selling homes to home care!

"Hello, my name is Molly. I started working at Doris Jones in August last year. I had previously been an estate agent for three years but decided that I wanted a change in career.

I'd always wanted to be a nurse or a midwife so I decided that getting some experience in a care setting would be a good way to start. I started my care career with a different care company but it wasn’t what I had expected and after three months I decided that I wanted to be closer to home, so I applied for Doris Jones.

  Molly decided to leave estate agency for a career in care

Doris Jones are a brilliant company to work for. On a normal day I start at around 8am and finish at 2pm and then back out again at 4pm to do some tea calls. I get all the training I need plus lots of optional courses and I've just started my Level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care. I would eventually like to further my carer to become a nurse or midwife. 

Every day is very different with Doris and the team are very supportive and will do their very best to accommodate you in anyway they can. They work in the best interest of you and your clients. When I first started with Doris I was very nervous to start over again but the carers and the office team were all very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Doris jones team."


Toni's Story - not all care companies are the same

"Hello, my name is Toni and I started working at Doris Jones in October 2016. My niece Molly also works for Doris Jones and is the reason I joined. I was working for a different care company and had been there 6 years, but things had changed and I wasn't happy there any more.

Being a mature 50-something I didn't know if I had anything to offer Doris Jones, but after lots of gentle persuasion from my niece I applied and became a Doris carer. It was the best decision I've ever made and haven't looked back since.

  Toni joined Doris after things changed at her previous employer

After my initial training I went out with experienced Doris carers to meet the clients and learn their daily routines, likes and dislikes. My typical day involves seeing clients in the morning and helping them get up, have a wash or shower and making breakfast with a hot drink. Once morning calls are finished I have my trusty thermos mug of tea in the car and a cereal bar and a catch up on Facebook, then on to the next client to start lunch calls. This involves making a sandwich, or cooking something like an omelette, or warming a ready meal with a drink of their choice and a good old chat along the way. Once lunch calls are finished it's off home for an early tea and off to my Zumba class for a bit of me time.

No two days are the same at Doris Jones and that's what makes this job interesting, you also have a great support network from the office team who are always on the end of the phone with help and advice. Since joining In October I have been on a pressure ulcer course and am taking my Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care and although I've only been with the company a few months I feel part of the team already."

Tarnya's Story - care as a stepping stone to nursing

"I started working for Doris Jones in 2011. I was looking to return to work when my daughter started playgroup. The flexible working hours allowed me to work a couple of hours in the mornings and then go back out again in the evenings to help get clients ready for bed. This meant I didn’t have to worry about childcare.

  Tarnya (in orange!) raising money for the Alzheimer's Society

I had very little experience as a carer when I came to Doris but they provided all the essential training in their induction programme. I was also keen to sign up for as many courses as I could to help me do my job and, with their support, I completed certificates in End of Life Care, First Aid, Basic Life Support and several Dementia courses to help support our clients. This was a particular area of interest to me and I went on to become a Dementia Friend and then a Dementia Champion.

I then went on to do my apprenticeship. I gained the level 3 diploma in health and social care, as well as Maths and English qualifications. I was promoted to Senior Carer, working full time again but with flexible hours to suit my home life.

After four years of working for Doris I applied to Essex university to study Adult Nursing. The qualifications and experience I gained whilst working for Doris helped me to secure a place and I have just finished my first year at university. Although I never planned to do nursing, Doris has opened many doors for me and gave me the confidence to try new things. I still work for Doris as a bank member of staff and enjoy going to see the clients when I’m available."

Eszter's Story

"I am just an everyday 'girl', mum of a 15 year old boy, and part of a nuclear family. Before joining Doris Jones I had only been caring for my family but I have always considered myself a caring person by nature. This was the main reason I applied for a position as a Care Assistant at Doris Jones, leaving behind my desk based jobs.

   Originally from Hungary, Eszter has found a rewarding new career in care

After my interview with the lovely Caroline, I was offered the role as Care Assistant and joined the extremely supportive and professional team at Doris Jones.

I have been fully trained, had many opportunities to shadow more experienced carers and been given handovers. I've learnt how to manage difficult calls involving manual handling with other carers and I've also had new joiners shadow me so I can share my knowledge of clients with them.

In doing this job, I feel I have become an important part of many people’s lives, providing company and making their lives easier by assisting with personal care or household duties.

Although some calls and clients can be challenging, testing my patience, most tasks can be managed by using common sense and empathy and there is always support if I need it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to celebrate the 100th birthday of a lovely lady client. It's things like that which make me value life even more than before." 

Charlotte's Story

"I've always wanted to work in a healthcare field but struggled to settle on a discipline. Since working at Doris Jones I've gained so much confidence in my caring skills, and wide-ranging experience that healthcare employers always find impressive.

   Charlotte is studying Biomedical Sciences while working at Doris Jones

I've learnt a lot about the realities of care, and the resilience of the clients. I've heard so many stories and learnt so much about people. I love working out in the community and I've been very well supported by the office staff; everyone's so lovely it's difficult to find this job unenjoyable. Every aspect is so rewarding, so I'm going to continue during the holidays in between my studies." 

Sue's Story

"I have worked for Doris Jones Ltd for approx four and a half years. I started by doing a few hours a week to earn some extra money alongside my regular job and also fit in with my family life. The hours were very flexible which allowed me to do this. I was given full training and eased into the role as carer in a gradual manner with full support as this line of work was new to me. 

   Sue went from novice carer to trainer in her time with Doris 

Eventually I was offered a permanent contract as Duty Carer. This entailed being able to cover client care quickly should the need arise due to sudden unavailability of another carer. I was the first employee to take on this role as it was a new position so I felt honoured that I was the first to be thought of. 

I have over the years been given extensive training by Doris Jones to advance my role as carer including: End of Life Care course, Catheter Care course, Safeguarding of Adults, Impairment of Vision and Hearing and most recently a Train The Trainer Manual Handling course, which meant I was then qualified to pass on my knowledge to my co-workers by training them. These courses were in addition to the mandatory courses that Doris Jones will give at necessary intervals in your role as a carer. 

Sadly, I have now left due to moving to another county but I will take with me the knowledge of how a care agency should work in regards to client care and how the respect and attention to our clients’ needs have been (and should be) met, for future employment.  I will also take with me the Management’s open door policy to staff to chat about any issues regarding work and their support they have shown me during my time here."

If you're curious about a job in care, just give us a call. We'll happily chat to you on the phone or arrange a meeting to talk through what's involved and what to expect from the various types or role.