Professional Neighbours

Professional Neighbours

A new concept in community care - Seeking out those in our community who are naturally supportive, caring and willing to help.

In England, the adult social care sector employs more than 1.6m people. That’s larger than the NHS. But like the NHS, social care is suffering from a critical workforce shortfall. In 2021/22, there were 165,000 vacant posts in social care, up over 50% from the previous year. And as vacancies increase, so too does demand from those needing the support of a care provider.

Since 2011, we have provided outstanding care to the elderly in our local area. And in that time, we’ve built an enviable reputation for quality, among both the families of clients and the hundreds of people we have employed over the years. 

But we’re not immune to the challenges facing the care world. In short, we need more people!

Do you care?
Not everybody wants a career in the care industry, but the fact remains that we live in a community full of wonderful, caring people willing to help out. Are you one of them?

Perhaps you do a bit of shopping for a neighbour, volunteer for a charity or help with the local church flowers. Maybe you’ve cared for an elderly loved one.

You may not see yourself as a “carer”. You may not even be looking for work. But with our support, you can make an huge difference to those who need a little help living safely and happily in the comfort of their own homes.

Please help us help the elderly in our community. Become a Professional Neighbour.

What does a Professional Neighbour do?
As a PN, you will commit to a number of regular hours each week, during which time you will visit the homes of our elderly clients. On your visits, you might prepare a meal, accompany someone on an outing, help with medication or get them ready for bed or up in the morning.

All PNs will be given full training, some basic kit and a mobile phone. The phone has a simple app that tells you what you’re booked to do, where and when.

Most importantly, you will always have the support of our office team. You can call or drop in to the office any time for advice, help or just a chat and a coffee - that’s what the team is there for!

How is it different to a normal care job?
In many ways, it’s no different. But Professional Neighbours tend to do it because they want to do their bit in the community - the pay is really just an added bonus. PNs will also likely work fewer hours per week than our full-time carers, who are typically pursuing a career in care.

Will I work close to my home?
Often, yes. But not always. Our clients are spread across the local area, from Benfleet to Shoebury. We aim to minimise travel time by rostering people close to home but it helps if you don’t mind a short drive.

And I get paid?
Of course! Just like our full-time care team, PNs are paid between £10 and £14.30 per hour (depending on the time of day). You will also be paid travel time between visits and a petrol allowance.

Are you interested?
If you or someone you know would make a great Professional Neighbour, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch and we can have an informal chat.

View/download a PDF of our Professional Neighbours leaflet!

More questions? Check out our FAQs sheet...

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