Training & PD

Keen to improve your skills and experience? Then come and talk to us...

The best carers have a natural flair for the job - we call them 'Doris' people. But everyone needs training, whether they're new to care or have been doing it for years.

Our approach to training focuses on two areas...

Firstly, everybody needs to be fully trained in order that they can safely and effectively do what our clients employ us to do. Everybody, no matter how much experience they have, will undergo our Induction Training. This ensures they are fully up to date with all aspects of their role.

Secondly, we have an ongoing training and Personal Development (PD) programme. This ensures two things:

  • All team members attend training on an ongoing basis to make sure they remain up to date with current best practice;
  • Every member of the team has the opportunity - if they want it - to engage in additional training to broaden their skill based and experience.

How far do you want to take you career in care?

Some people just want a steady job in a supportive working environment - and that's absolutely fine. Other people are keen to use their experience in care to develop a career in other areas of health and social care. We can cater for everyone!

Whether you're after a full-time role, a guaranteed few hours a week to fit in with your other commitments, or you're looking to gain valuable experience while training for a profession in the wider health and social care sector, we'd love to meet you.

Many of our carers have gone on to jobs in nursing, physiotherapy and social work, and others have moved into more office-based roles within the company. We are committed to making sure everyone that joins the company is helped to make the very most of the opportunities that working at Doris can offer.