Care and support during the latter stages of life

Having the right people, with the right training, to offer support through palliative and end-of-life care is so important. Our team is highly experienced in making the final weeks and months as happy and comfortable as they can be.

The names of clients in the following case studies have been changed or anonymised for the purpose of discretion.

Helping the whole family

Mrs L was told by her medical team that she is unlikely to be able to recover from her illness and that her care needs are likely to increase in the months to come. We went to meet Mrs L and her daughters at home to see how we could support them all.

With regular, on-time visits from a small team of Doris carers, we help keep a sense of calm and order. Our flexible care plan includes everything from personal care to housework and dog-walking, or we can just sit quietly and be a hand to hold. We make excellent tea and look after everyone’s needs through this difficult time.

Creating a sense of security

Mr J requested that he come home from hospital to spend his last days in familiar surroundings. The Doris assessment team met him for the first time as soon as he got home and started providing care that same day. We send two carers at a time to help with personal care, and to provide the kindness, dignity and compassion Mr J needs to feel safe and well cared for.

Working with Powers of Attorney

Mrs L has been a client of ours for several years. She knows her Doris care team extremely well and is very keen to remain at home, in their care, until the end of her life.

We have a comprehensive, ongoing care plan in place that can be adjusted accordingly if more tasks are required to be undertaken. And we’ve worked closely with Mrs L’s Power of Attorney for Health and Wellbeing to make sure that everyone concerned knows Mrs L would rather avoid hospital admission.