Caring for people with Parkinson’s

We work closely with our local Parkinson's Nurses to ensure our care team are appropriately trained, and that the services we provide cater for the particular needs of those with Parkinson's.

The following case studies provide a small insight into the ways in which we can help. The names of clients have been changed or anonymised for the purpose of discretion.

Medication and the importance of timing

Mr F has had symptoms of PD for many years. He lives with his wife, who has become rather frail herself lately.

clockOne of the important aspects of anyone's PD treatment is that drugs are taken on time. But Mrs F cannot always remember when her husband's drugs are due, so we were able to offer this service. We ensure that Mr F takes his drugs on time, 4 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, within a 15-minute window each time! And while we're there, we wash up, make the beds, prepare a meal and generally look after the important things - however small - that keep both Mrs and Mrs F safe and well.

The PD Nurse has been delighted to feed back that Mr F's symptoms are so much better controlled with us in the team.

The value of exercise

Mr H was recently diagnosed with PD and it came as quite a shock, but he’s determined to get on with life as normally as possible.

As part of his care package, our physiotherapist has incorporated an exercise regime to help maintain mobility and dexterity. Mr H sometimes finds the exercises a bit of a chore but with 2 to 3 visits a week and encouragement from our trained staff, the benefits are clear and he’s learning to enjoy them.

Having the flexibility to live safely at home

Mr J has PD and is unable to get up and about independently but his family are determined that he should be as comfortable as possible at home, with the dignity he deserves.

Two Doris carers several times a day, together with the appropriate bed and hoist equipment, make it possible for Mr J to be well cared for at home, surrounded by his family and the many visitors who regularly pop in.

In addition to tending to his daily needs, we keep a close eye on his skin, looking out for potential bed sores, and work closely with the District Nurse to ensure seamless continuity of care.