How does it all work?

The Home Care Process

It can be confusing and stressful deciding if, when and how to find the right care services. We try our hardest to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible, both for our clients and for their families. Here's a simple overview of how we work:

STEP 1: Choosing a care provider

In the first instance, you will probably look at a selection of providers to see whom you are happiest dealing with. There are many resources available to help you do this, from your local authority, professional bodies and charities, as well as from a host of websites. We list some of these in our resources section.

For all you need to know about how we work and what we charge, call us on 01702 472954 or email If you'd prefer to meet face to face, we can arrange a time to come and see you. And of course you are welcome to pop in to the office anytime for a chat and a cup of tea.

STEP 2: Assessment of needs

If you'd like Doris Jones to provide your care services, the first thing we'll do is arrange to come and see the person requiring care, together with their partner, family member/s and/or other carer.

The purpose of this meeting is as follows:

  • Assess specific care and support needs
  • Understand the preferences of the individual requiring care
  • Understand the preferences of any family members and/or other carers
  • Assess the home environment for suitability and potential risks
  • Answer questions and address the concerns of everyone involved

The Assessment takes approximately an hour and, in all but the most complex cases, is completely free of charge and without obligation.

STEP 3: Care Plan and other documentation

Following the Assessment meeting, we'll draw up a Care Plan. This is an important document that records all aspects of the care to be provided, including individual preferences, likes and dislikes, together with all the details we'll need to ensure a reliable, ongoing service.

At the same time, a full Quotation and Contract will be prepared. These will clearly outline the costs relating to the care services to be provided. Once you've had time to review and consider these documents, and you are happy to progress, the contract is signed and all systems are go!

STEP 4: Service starts

Once everyone is happy and the paperwork is taken care of - none of which need take long at all - then visits will begin. At this point, a Home Care Information Folder will be placed in the home of the person being cared for. This folder contains copies of the Care Plan, contract and various other important and useful reference documents. It also contains a set of Visit Notes, which are used by our staff to make notes at the end of each visit.

STEP 5: Ongoing care

Your care service will continue uninterrupted in line with the Care Plan. Periodically, depending on the specifics of the Plan, we will conduct a Care Plan Review based on a number of factors. In most cases, we will visit you to discuss the service, check for any changes in circumstances and, most importantly, ensure you are happy with the care you are receiving.

An updated Care Plan will then be produced, placed in the Home Care Information Folder and shared as appropriate with the Doris Jones staff providing care.

If, during ongoing care, you have any queries, concerns, compliments or complaints, the Home Care Information Folder contains information on what to do. If in doubt, just call the office and we will help in every way we can.