Sometimes all you need is a little company

Many clients have our carers simply for companionship on days out, as escorts to appointments, or just some company at home. Whether it's a theatre trip, a walk to the shops or a helping hand with the crossword, our 'social' carers are here to help.

The names of clients in the following case studies have been changed or anonymised for the purpose of discretion.

Respite care

Caring for a loved one can be extremely demanding in terms of both time and energy. Tina came to us wanting to take off a day a week from looking after her mother, Mrs M.

Having met with Tina and her mum, we made arrangements for a regular Doris carer to arrive promptly and stay with Mrs M for the whole day. While there, they chat, enjoy lunch together and spend time looking at the newspapers. Our carer then prepares a meal for Mrs M and Tina on her return.

Helping with technology

tabletSince her stroke took away her speech, Mrs P has needed to practice using an iPad to communicate, so we chose a carer who’s particularly good with technology to visit regularly. They spend time together, helping Mrs P get to grips with the iPad and they also meet with the speech therapist to monitor progress and run through the next set of exercises.


cookingThere are lots of things we do to make the time we spend with our clients productive and enjoyable but Mrs K’s favourite thing is cooking! So we send our most accomplished cooking carers to Mrs K’s house to spend the day preparing food with her and stocking up the freezer with tasty, healthy meals.