Specialised stroke care and rehabilitation

Living at home with the affects of a stroke can be challenging. Our team can provide a care and support package, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy as required, to help overcome those challenges and speed recovery.

Strokes affect everybody differently but we find that with a little patience and a great rehab care plan, things can improve over time. It’s often the case that NHS rehab comes to an end when the early stages of the stroke have passed. But continuity can be key in achieving results and our team is trained to help maintain physical strength and function in a variety of ways – not all obvious…

The following brief case studies provide an insight into the ways in which we can help those living with the effects of a stroke. The names of clients have been changed or anonymised for the purpose of discretion.

Common sense rehab

toothbrushFollowing her stroke, Mrs S was left with balance problems. Our visits to her home are primarily to help with personal care but while we’re there, everything we do is with her balance in mind. It’s amazing what brushing your teeth can do for balance if someone encourages you to stand properly or on one leg while doing it!

Building confidence with exercise

Mrs T was very down after her stroke, having lost some mobility and her sense of independence. Once the Doris assessment team had put together a care and exercise programme with clear goals, our carers provided support and encouragement towards each objective. In less than three months, Mrs T achieved the significant goal of walking around her garden – and the rewards of sunshine, fresh air and a renewed sense of confidence.